Friday, January 30, 2009

Stepping Onto The Runway

"Fashion shows only last 15 min, but in a crowd of 1,000 that's 15,000 minutes of memories."
- Andre Leon Talley

Columbia, Missouri; It takes endless hours and days of preparation to put on a fashion show that lasts only a few short minutes. This fall I learned first hand what it takes to put on such a production.
It was marketed as the Tonic Fall Fashion Show, benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. It was the first show me and my co-director, Emma had ever put on. We didn't have any direction nor were we aware of what we were getting ourselves into. First came talking with the venue to figure out what they wanted, followed by contacting models, a failed attempt at a casting call, getting participation from local boutiques, organizing backstage, rehearsals, selling tickets, and getting the word out. The show consumed both of our lives and left us with little free time. After some unexpected road blocks, and a lot of pressure to be successful, the night of November 12 finally came. The show ran flawlessly. It was a fantastic night and an even better experience.

Model poses on the runway


Backstage manager Amanda Weiss gets models in order

All the male models, with Factory Green, Inc. owners and Tonic Fall Fashion Show coordinators

The managers behind the scenes

Mark and Zach, in green, waiting backstage

Me, with two of the boys before the show

All photos credit of Catherine O'Neill.

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