Friday, January 30, 2009

Stepping Onto The Runway

"Fashion shows only last 15 min, but in a crowd of 1,000 that's 15,000 minutes of memories."
- Andre Leon Talley

Columbia, Missouri; It takes endless hours and days of preparation to put on a fashion show that lasts only a few short minutes. This fall I learned first hand what it takes to put on such a production.
It was marketed as the Tonic Fall Fashion Show, benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. It was the first show me and my co-director, Emma had ever put on. We didn't have any direction nor were we aware of what we were getting ourselves into. First came talking with the venue to figure out what they wanted, followed by contacting models, a failed attempt at a casting call, getting participation from local boutiques, organizing backstage, rehearsals, selling tickets, and getting the word out. The show consumed both of our lives and left us with little free time. After some unexpected road blocks, and a lot of pressure to be successful, the night of November 12 finally came. The show ran flawlessly. It was a fantastic night and an even better experience.

Model poses on the runway


Backstage manager Amanda Weiss gets models in order

All the male models, with Factory Green, Inc. owners and Tonic Fall Fashion Show coordinators

The managers behind the scenes

Mark and Zach, in green, waiting backstage

Me, with two of the boys before the show

All photos credit of Catherine O'Neill.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gilty Pleasure

Welcome to The Gilt Group, where all of your fashion dreams come true.

The Gilt Group offers online designer apparel and accessories
at sample sale prices! Sales last for about a day and a half, or until all of the merchandise is gone. All sales start at noon eastern time, and to get the good stuff you need purchase fast (the perfect cotton spring dress by ADAM was bought 2 seconds before I could click purchase - very disappointing). Along with women's wear, they offer a selection of men's, children's and home goods as well. This website now consumes my lunch hour.

To fight for your perfectly priced pieces, visit

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes, that's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk more fun."
- Carrie Bradshaw

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Watch Where You Walk

The following is a brief account about how sometimes your stilettos can take a step in the wrong direction.

There are dreary days in New York City when it rains. The crowded streets become clogged with umbrellas and one must watch where they walk to avoid these perilous little things called puddles. When touring the city for the first time in 2006 for Teen Vogue's Fashion University, I found it isn't enough for just myself to avoid puddles, you must walk on the side of the sidewalk farthest from the street. If not, you may find you and your pretty shoes soaking wet from the taxi that was not so puddle-conscious. The cold splash came as a surprise to me and my feet, and I don't even want to think about all of the local onlookers saying to themselves "tourist" after the ill-fated event. The morale of this story is that high heels can be a great thing, just watch your step.

The Next Step

In fashion, people are always changing jobs. After a few months at Express, it was time for me to move on to Columbia, Missouri where I began to work at one of the local downtown boutiques, Elly's Couture. Young and energetic Elly began her store a few short years ago. She specializes in trends from LA, and is one of two Columbia, Missouri boutiques to carry Betsey Johnson dresses. Going from corporate retail to a small independently owned boutique was quite a change. Although I enjoyed my semester at Elly's I think I prefer to work in a faster paced environment.
I can't mention Elly's Couture without reminicsing of another defining fashion moment in my life. It was the day Elly decided to carry men's Lacoste. I showed up for work and spent the rest of the day going through the Lacoste product catalog and marking what items to buy for the store based on her consumer demographic. I loved every minute of it.

Rather Fabulous

Fall 2008 - For most most college students that meant football games, tailgates, following politics, and the first sign of winter. For me, it was all that and some extra special outfits for some extra special events.

Fabulous Event #1
The Faculty Alumni Awards at the University of Missouri

What I wore: Black Pearl Dress by Nanette Lepore

Fabulous Event #2

Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity Formal

What I wore: H&M Trench coat (yes, the same one seen on Lauren Conrad in season 2 of
The Hills) over a silk leopard print bebe dress.

Fabulous Event #3
Kappa Alpha Theta Semi-Formal

What I wore: Silver silk dress with beaded embellishments (designer unknown)
Pictured here with my friend's BCBG gold cocktail dress

Fabulous Event #4
The Veiled Prophet Debutante Ball in St. Louis

What I wore: A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz light pink silk one shoulder dress from my secret obsession Saks Fifth Avenue designer bargain store, Off 5th

Loving Lanvin

Every now and then, oh alright, every day, I must satisfy the fashion cravings inside me. I do so with various forms of media from the latest books, to monthly magazines, to daily trade publications, to podcasts. My favorite itunes fashion podcast is Style Videos by At the double click of a designer name you can watch an under-5-minute video reliving their latest show from backstage to front row. Most critics would agree Lanvin made quite the highlight at Paris Fashion Week for Spring 09. Albert Elbaz got it right presenting fabulous vibrant dresses and very wearable, aestietically pleasing garments.

You can check out the entire collection by searching Style Videos on itunes or visiting

Read Of The Week

This past week of holiday break proved relaxation was much in need. No, I did not attend any fancy parties or hold any of my own. Instead I sat in my Montana mountain retreat and read a new book - Some Like It Haute. This light fictitious story follows a fashion editor at Paris Fashion Week as she deals with designers, embarrassment, and the love of her life. If you need a little bit more Jimmy Choo and CHANEL in your life, this is another way to emerse yourself in fashion. Au revior!