Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Next Step

In fashion, people are always changing jobs. After a few months at Express, it was time for me to move on to Columbia, Missouri where I began to work at one of the local downtown boutiques, Elly's Couture. Young and energetic Elly began her store a few short years ago. She specializes in trends from LA, and is one of two Columbia, Missouri boutiques to carry Betsey Johnson dresses. Going from corporate retail to a small independently owned boutique was quite a change. Although I enjoyed my semester at Elly's I think I prefer to work in a faster paced environment.
I can't mention Elly's Couture without reminicsing of another defining fashion moment in my life. It was the day Elly decided to carry men's Lacoste. I showed up for work and spent the rest of the day going through the Lacoste product catalog and marking what items to buy for the store based on her consumer demographic. I loved every minute of it.

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