Sunday, January 4, 2009

Watch Where You Walk

The following is a brief account about how sometimes your stilettos can take a step in the wrong direction.

There are dreary days in New York City when it rains. The crowded streets become clogged with umbrellas and one must watch where they walk to avoid these perilous little things called puddles. When touring the city for the first time in 2006 for Teen Vogue's Fashion University, I found it isn't enough for just myself to avoid puddles, you must walk on the side of the sidewalk farthest from the street. If not, you may find you and your pretty shoes soaking wet from the taxi that was not so puddle-conscious. The cold splash came as a surprise to me and my feet, and I don't even want to think about all of the local onlookers saying to themselves "tourist" after the ill-fated event. The morale of this story is that high heels can be a great thing, just watch your step.

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