Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Valentino and Velvet Hangers

Girls choose their best friends
mostly based on similar interests.

In this case, that interest is fashion. In the middle of my annual family Christmas, my best friend Lindsey called to tell me about two very important events that had just happened in her life that I think are worthy to inform you of as well. The first is about fragrance. No, not one of the million celebrity names stamped on the outside of a monotonous smelling concoction-in-a-bottle. This newly discovered fragrance was a timeless Valentino. "Not his most recent scent," she said. "It’s an older one, called VALENTINO V ABSOLU”. Knowing Lindsey, and her impeccable taste, I too would recommend spritzing on a bit of V.

The other deals with the sheer beautification of your personal wardrobe.
Fashion is so much more than just clothes and accessories. Fashion is an art that must be properly displayed when worn, and safely kept when not admiring. That is why the second thing Lindsey informed me of were the rainbow assortment of velvet hangers currently on sale at TJ Max. She had been in the market for them recently to make her closet just a little bit more pleasant. After entering the store looking for something else, she walked out even happier with her bargain find. These are the kinds of things I let my best friends interrupt rare family get-togethers to inform me of. It’s amazing what a hanger can do to a girls day. And it’s amazing how much the right hanger can transform a piece of clothing into a piece of art.

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