Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There's No Place Like Fashion

I'm just waiting for the moment where I can click my heels, look at my dog, and say, "I don't think I'm in the Midwest anymore."

To my discontent, I uncontrollably live in the wrong region of the United States to really immerse myself in the fashion world. It's pretty hard to get more centrally located than Columbia, Missouri (Google map it).
A very blank stare eases across the faces of people in New York when they hear of a girl from the midwest that wants to do fashion. I should be frolicking in a prairie or utilizing my John Deere to best of it's ability, right?
Two words come to mind right now:

Personally, I feel that those who find a love in the fashion industry, that come from the midwest, (not to exclude people from other less fashionable regions of the US as well, i.e. North Dakota, but this is just the area where I can relate) have to work harder, and express a greater passion for not just clothes, or shoes, or bags but fashion as an entire entity in order to reach their dreams.
In no way am I arrogently saying I like fashion more than people in New York, that would be terrbile. I am simply trying to stick up for all of us midwestern fashionistas eager to catch the next red eye to NYC to satisfy our high-fashion cravings we get more frequently than BBQ.
And so the journey begins, a never ending runway of a fashion filled lifestyle.

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