Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Sass

’m going to go back to Diane von Furstenberg, then I promise I may or may not talk about her for a while. Fact: DvF is an amazing woman. Most fashionistas know she is the president of the CFDA aka. Council of Fashion Designers of America. She is looking great for her age, and she owns a very prestigious fashion house. DvF has been on my list of “potential future internships” ever since I knew what fashion was.
Something happened...
Whitney Port happened. Fact #2: I am a fan of the show The Hills. It is the only show I make an effort to watch every week. However, last night Whitney Port officially accepted the job at where? DVF of all places. Now, if one were to Google "Diane von Furstenberg internships" a majority of the first page of results is all about Whitney Port.
This is a classic example of how much the media influences our culture, in this instance for the worst. As if it isn't hard enough to try and land a job in our current market already, how bad is it that celebrities, along with MTV, are causing the stakes to be upped for internships that small midwestern fashion freaks such as myself have wanted for years. Shucks.

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