Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Excuse

There are no excuses needed to dress up. End of discussion.

Today, my roommate and I decided to beat college laziness by throwing on some cocktail dresses and stilettos (of course) and make the most out of our day. In doing so we realized that at some point society defined a few things for us.

First of all, it has been predetermined that college students shall never wear anything other than jeans and sweats around town on a normal day. We considered the thought of wearing heels or dressing up for class one day, and then quickly seized when we realized how scrutinized we would get for doing so. It is awful that our society makes a mockery out of those who attempt at looking their best every moment of their day. As we walked out of Wal-Mart, all dressed up, a lady kinda acknowledged us by telling us to, "keep struttin' your stuff!" and that she really, "needed to work on her inner diva as well." It was at this point that we realized the next thing society defines for us is having a reason to wear a dress and heels. At our next stop, He's Just Not That Into You, the man seated next to us at the movie boldly proceeded to ask why we were dressed up. Do you have to have a reason? When did it become necessary to have an occasion to look your best? We told him "just because," and we were completely satisfied with that answer. But the real reasons we looked so nice we these:

Fashion is empowerment. Amidst any persecution or strange looks we encountered today, we still felt good about ourselves through it all because we took a stand against the norm (and some slightly envied it).

Fashion is an outward expression of your inner bliss
. On Saturday morning when you wake up (mid-afternoon) to 70 degree weather and a positive outlook on life, this will most likely be reflected in your wardrobe choices for the day.

And finally we did it because according to Catherine O'Neill, fashion is a canvas with legs. We have become so caught up in the idea of what others will think of us that we are afraid to make bold fashion choices anymore, especially by ourselves. If fashion is your art, never put your paintbrush down. Be a fashion leader. Don't be ashamed of showing off your style because chances are more people will envy you than detest you.

In conclusion, there is no excuse to have an excuse for what you are wearing. Take a trend and make an outfit out of it. Who really cares?

You only get one life, live it in style.

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  1. this was such a great day! we definitely got our divas back :)